El Dorado Lofts


416 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Originally known as the Hotel Stowell, the 12-story hotel was built in 1913 and designed by Frederick Noonan with a highly stylized and brightly colored facade, enameled brick and terra cotta. Batchelder tiles are used extensively in the hotel and lobby. Shortly after the hotel opened, Charlie Chaplin lived at the Stowell, which he described as \"a middle-rate place but new and comfortable.\" Chaplin later told a story about receiving a telephone call while there concerning an appearance for which he was to be paid $25,000. Chaplin recalled: \"My bedroom window opened out on the well of the hotel, so that the voice of anyone talking resounded through the rooms. The telephone connection was bad, \'I don\'t intend to pass up twenty-five thousand dollars for two weeks’ work!\' I had to shout several times. A window opened above and a voice shouted back: \'Cut out that bull and go to sleep, you big dope!\" In 2008, the building was converted into lofts under the name \"El Dorado Lofts.\"